‘74% consider homeopathic products effective’.


The French Health Minister Agnès Buzyn announced recently that the French Government are to cease funding Homeopathic treatments by 2021.  Naturally this is not a popular decision.   60% of the French population use Homeopathic remedies.  This amounts to 38 million people. Of those 38 million people:

    ‘74% consider homeopathic products effective’.

This figure is based on a satisfaction survey carried out by Ipsos in November 2018.    For further details.  Please follow the link below:


In 2018 the French Government reimbursed €126.8 million for homeopathic treatment out of a total €20 billion refunded.  Hence this is a very small amount.   What a pity they are failing to listen to the consumers.

For further information about Homeopathic research please follow the link below: