Covid 19

Coronavirus-badge-300Covid 19 is a global pandemic and a national emergency.  It is easy to be very scared and negative about the prospect of loved ones catching the disease, loss of income and isolating at home for long periods of time. 

Mental health is just as important as the physical health and at times like this it is important to focus on the good things.  If you find yourself spiralling into the depths of despair try and find a positive in the situation and focus on that.

For example long periods of isolation will give people  time to reflect upon the direction of their lives. It will allow us time to catch a breathe in what has been a manic, crazy world.  Somebody once said to me that health could be measured by someone’s creativity.  The period of isolation will allow us to paint, draw, play music, bake, garden, DIY etc.  When things have settled, and they will eventually, people will emerge having created something new in some way. That creation to me is rejuvenation and a sign of improved health.