“I’m really pleased that I chose Karen at Healing-Art Homeopath to treat me. I wanted to see if homeopathic treatment would ease the discomfort I had been feeling in my ankle due to the onset of  arthritis no doubt caused by the many years in my past that I have been running. I warmed to Karen’s website, it was quietly professional and informative and I really liked the fact she has so much medical experience. Our consultation via Zoom worked really well. I do remember thinking at the time how thorough and detailed Karen’s questions were, but at the same time she had a really calming and nice way about her.  My potions arrived and Karen had even made up a treatment for another condition that was going on with my foot so I was really impressed. Over time my ankle discomfort has eased and is considerably less then when I first started the treatment. I did have a couple of blips along the way which Karen was able to advise and get me back on track again which was brilliant.  I really do believe that this homeopathic treatment has made a real difference and given me a much better understanding of how to manage my ankle discomfort and pain.”  Jane. Leicester

“I have seen Karen a number of times over 11 years.  The first time was with my daughter who was two years old with a flare up of eczema on her face after my second born had arrived.  Karen listens carefully and asks pertinent questions to gain a holistic understanding for what the client is presenting.  My daughter’s skin cleared in a matter of weeks. Since then if any flare ups occur, we make an appointment with Karen.  Like wise, I have had bouts of fatigue, anxiety and low mood which Karen has again alleviated with the correct remedy as well as some sound advice around lifestyle changes.  As a result, I have regained energy, spirit and I am more positive and focused on what I want from life. You can’t get better than that!I would recommend a consultation Karen without hesitation!”  Sue, Leicester.

“A very experienced therapist with a very pleasant and open friendly personality which puts clients at ease.  Her quiet approach and listening ability quickly leads to rapport and discussion of the aims and objectives of homeopathy. Each client is given an agreed plan of care and the hopeful outcomes.  Karen is easily contactable, which makes for good relationships and gives the confidence to continue.  Homeopathy is not a quick fix, it requires persistence and will poser to continue.  I can happily recommend her services to you.”  Patricia, Melton Mowbray.
Karen has treated all of our family for the last 12ish years. This has ranged from supporting the healing of a very severely broken bone, eczema, allergies, emotional issues, menstrual difficulties, behaviour/ anger issues, bowel problems, vaccine support and more. Karen is a great listener and has a very gentle way of getting to the root of issues, treating cases with both homeopathy and common sense.” A family in Rutland.

“I have being going to Karen with my two children since 2004. Each time the children’s health became un balanced we’d get back in touch with Karen. Conditions ranges from acute problems like chest infections to subtle increases in generalised symptoms. It’s been so lovely to have someone at the end of a phone who can give short notice appointments or just general advice over email.

People are sceptical about homeopathy but my children have always benefited from it. Karen’s working surroundings are very relaxing and private perfect for discussion putting you at the centre of her focus.

I would recommend Karen.

Gill. Rutland.


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