Energy Medicine

First Experience of Energy Medicine

My first visit experience of energy medicine was for a chronic eye condition that came on following a wood sanding accident.  Prescribed steroid eye drops would palliate the irritation for a while allowing it to repeatedly return.  I became fed up and wanted to seek an alternative.  With a great deal of scepticism, I visited a Homeopath and became completely amazed when the Silica prescription pushed out the foreign debris allowing the eye tissue to heal completely.  I returned to a Homeopath later when my son became ill during infancy.  He suffered with recurrent infections, accompanied by high temperatures.  The conventional Paracetamol and Ibuprofen were used so often that they failed to reduce the fevers.  He responded so well to homeopathic remedies I decided to go on to train to become a Homeopath myself.  I qualified in 2004.

Organon of Medicine

The training of a Homeopath is never complete without the study of the ‘Organon of Medicine’ written by Samuel Hahnemann.  Hahnemann qualified as a Medical Doctor in Germany in 1779.  He became disillusioned by some of the medical practices at the time and went on to investigate the use of natural substances in the treatment of medical conditions.  He found that a toxic substance could be diluted and shaken at regular intervals to yield an essence of the original substance.  This would produce symptoms in a healthy person, yet the dilution process would remove all harmful molecules.   He found that the essence could be used to treat a sick person with the same symptoms.  This is known as ‘like cures like’.   One of his early investigations on the effectiveness of his methodology was following the Battle of Leipzig in 1813.  He treated 180 patients and suffered the loss of two.  In comparison patients treated with conventional medicine had a death rate of up to 50%.  He went on to document his methodology in the ‘Organon’.

Influencing Homeopaths

Since Hahnemann there have been many great Homeopaths.  Those that have influenced my method of practice would have to include:

  • Dr. Rajan Sankaran. Rajan is a very successful, world renowned Homeopath: Assistant Professor at the Homeopathic Medical College in  Mumbai.  He has worked for many years on the ‘Kingdom’ approach to prescribing using the ‘Vital Sensation’ Method.  I have been very fortunate to attend several of his training lectures.
  • Dr. Shachindra Joshi and Dr. Bhawisha Joshi are a husband and wife team that are both Doctor Homeopaths working in Mumbai. They also use the Vital Sensation Method and have written several books to accompany their teaching.  I have been very fortunate to have attended several of their training lectures.
  • William Lilley. William was a renowned and successful Spiritual Healer and Homeopath (1914 -1972)

Current Practice

I work using the classical method of prescribing using the ‘Vital Sensation Method’.  The remedies are obtained from Homeopathic Pharmacies.  I work in a complementary way to conventional medicine.  Patients are encouraged to maintain contact with their GP and to continue with their medications as prescribed.  I believe that both conventional medicine and energy medicine have their specific roles to play.  I believe it is important to avoid arrogance and to recognise that nothing is infallible. Both can be embraced and respected for  what they have to offer.